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Curriculum Vitae Kiki de Jonge

Kiki de Jonge

Assistant Professor Organizational Psychology


I am a motivated and ambitious researcher, interested in topics related to creativity, flow, and coaching. My quest concerns the optimal fit between the needs of (groups of) individuals and the work context, to optimize outcomes for both the employee and organization (e.g., creativity, performance, work enjoyment). It inspires me to work on the edge of knowledge development that has an impact on both theory and practice. I thrive on positive challenges, aiming to continue my personal and professional development.

The overarching theme of my research is facilitating optimal functioning at work, mainly focusing on creativity and flow, as well as on coaching and new ways of working. My research focuses on the interplay between creative performance and flow experiences, and indicates how to create an optimal fit between the context and the individual worker to reach both. More insights into these topics is important, as creative performance is necessary to achieve innovative behavior and organizational effectiveness.


Professional Employment


Assistant Professor I-O Psychology, innovating education, at the University of Groningen (RUG). Responsible for:

  • Research lines: Creativity, Flow, Career Coaching

  • Innovating education: activating and intensifying the I-O Psychology program

  • Co-developer & lecturer international master course Coaching, incl. supervising coaching sessions

  • Co-writer cost-action grant proposal research network creativity



PhD researcher I-O Psychology at the University of Groningen (RUG). Project: Stimulating creativity when brainstorming: Matching the work context with the individual’s needs. Responsible for:

  • Research lines: Creativity, Career Coaching, New Ways of Working

  • Co-developer & teacher international master course Coaching, incl. supervising coaching sessions

  • Supervisor Master theses



Founder - Coach and Trainer at Groeiflow ( My main activities include:

  • Career and business coaching for young professionals and high potentials

  • Developer and trainer: Career workshops for e.g. PhD and ReMa students, Coaching and skill development for practitioners (postgraduate)

  • Assessments for selection procedures, such as prospect PhD candidates

  • Close collaboration with Adviesburo Fier



  • 2017: Runner-up Best Paper Award from WAOP (the Dutch & Belgian Society of Work and Organizational Psychology Researchers) for:

    • De Jonge, K. M. M., Rietzschel, E. F., Van Yperen, N. W. (2018, in press). Stimulated by Novelty? The role of Psychological Needs and Perceived Creativity. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

  • 2015: Nomination David van Lennep Master Thesis Award

  • 2015: Nomination GAP Master Thesis Award

  • 2010: Winning Honours Student Think-Tank at Business Battle. We investigated the optimal shaping of future organizations. Organized by ‘het Zuiderlicht’ and ‘Hollandse Nieuwe’. Participants were 100 managers and executives, and 40 Honours students from across the Netherlands.

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