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About Kiki M. M. de Jonge (1991)

I work as an Assistant Professor within Organizational Psychology. As a psychologist and researcher, I am interested in topics around creativity, flow, coaching, and new ways of working. The overarching theme in my work is creating an optimal fit between the individual’s needs and the work context, to optimize work outcomes. 


For creativity and brainstorming, I'm interested in the way in which sharing ideas helps or harms people's creativity, which will likely differ per person. Whereas novel and flexible ideas will be beneficial for some, others' creativity and productivity will benefit more from everyday and structured ideas.


For flow, I'm interested in how flow experiences help to reach your full potential, and how such an experience adds to your (creative) performance. 

As a coach, my drive and specialism lies in guiding professionals towards more flow in work, and in stimulating them to take on the positive challenge that fits their qualities. Because when you are in your flow, you grow and perform optimally (see

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